Juniper deploys network infrastructure for Xavier University campus

Juniper Networks today said it has deployed network infrastructure for the new campus of Xavier University Bhubaneshwar (XUB).

The campus network can scale to support up to a ten-fold increase in students. The campus network currently serves about 1,000 full-time students and 80 staff.

Its advanced network architecture supplied by Juniper Networks will enable the university to scale up to 10,000 students while maintaining low operational overhead and delivering secure network performance through both wired and wireless access.

This apart, it will deliver secure access to the university’s new digital services such as Xavier Videbook and Xavier My Room – delivered from the Xavier Cloud via the Xavier One Portal.

Juniper Networks

The Juniper Networks solution integrates switching, routing, security and wireless networking in a holistic manner to simplify network administration and minimize operational overheads.

Juniper Networks has deployed EX4300 Ethernet Switches together with Virtual Chassis technology to form a distributed logical switch that is administered as a single device to ensure decrease in the operating costs increase in network resiliency.

The network design will support the digital vision of the university. Services like Xavier Videobook, which enables students to source contextual video content to make learning more immersive, and Xavier My Room, a platform for hosting virtual classrooms and peer-to-peer interaction using video and audio conferencing, will be supported by Juniper Networks.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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