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Juniper brings Apstra Freeform, a multivendor data center automation platform

Juniper Networks announced Apstra Freeform, the newest expansion to its multivendor data center automation and assurance platform.
Juniper Networks for enterprise technology
This capability allows Juniper’s enterprise, service provider and cloud provider customers to manage and automate their data center operations regardless of topology and protocols used.

Apstra Freeform aims to unify experiences across vendors and automate key data center workflows as the single source of truth for data center configuration.

Freeform builds upon Apstra’s powerful intent-based networking capabilities for full lifecycle data center management across a range of data center topologies and vendors, enabling a reliable user experience that encompasses the following key features:

With this new software release, Apstra simplifies IT operations by extending its intent-based networking capability to any protocol, any topology and any network domain. The networking company said customers can choose the architecture that fits their business needs while taking advantage of Apstra capabilities.

Apstra’s role as the single source of truth enables data center designs to be applied consistently. Closed-loop feedback provides IT professionals with reliable operations across disparate infrastructure.

Juniper is also introducing a new Apstra licensing model. Freeform extends Apstra capabilities to more use cases. Customers can now choose from three licensing tiers with the option to seamlessly upgrade at any time as needed.

“With the introduction of Freeform, we are expanding operational efficiency further into the market. Freeform brings full control of the network design into the hands of data center operators, giving them complete flexibility and versatility,” said Mike Bushong, Group VP of Data Center Product Management at Juniper Networks.

Juniper Networks Professional Services provides Apstra Automated Deployment and Migration Services for customers using validated data center reference designs, as well as flexible Freeform reference designs. Both Services are customizable to specific customer requirements or leveraged for any feature, protocol or architecture.

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