Juniper brings 3 Tbps fixed configuration core router PTX1000

Juniper Networks today introduced PTX1000, a 3 Tbps fixed configuration core router.

The new two-rack unit (RU) router, which will be available in Q3 2015, leverages Juniper’s recently announced ExpressPlus chipset for performance and efficiency gains.

The PTX1000 leverages Juniper’s ExpressPlus custom silicon for IP/MPLS performance applications. The 28-nanometer chip can drive 5x100G interfaces and leverages 3D memory architecture, which reduces power consumption and space requirements, said Juniper Networks in a statement.

“In developing the PTX1000, we recognized that telecom service and cloud content providers can increase performance while reducing operational complexity by distributing the load of serving up content across multiple peering points to deliver the high quality user experience that consumers expect,” said Paul Obsitnik, vice president of service provider marketing, Juniper Networks.
Juniper Networks Lab

The PTX1000 features flexible port interface options to maximize investment protection and ensure smooth upgrade cycles.
With the PTX1000, service providers can now distribute their peering sites down into local exchange sites or central offices, effectively pushing access closer to the content and lowering bandwidth demands across the network.

“Requirements such as compact size, low power consumption and high performance routing are emerging as important features for the new generation of distributed IP peering infrastructure, and the PTX1000 is a platform that service providers can use to shift workloads and applications to the cloud and on-demand networks,” said Nav Chander, research manager, IDC.

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