JoongAng deploys Juniper’s wired and wireless solutions

Juniper Networks announced that JoongAng Group has selected Juniper’s wired and wireless solutions driven by Mist AI to transform its network system.
Juniper Networks for technology investment
JoongAng aims to introduce a next-generation network system that would provide a unified experience for all employees across two office buildings after the completion of its JTBC Building in 2019.

JoongAng’s infrastructure — based on a smart office concept – will avoid challenging procedures, including configuring their IP settings and authenticating repeatedly for wireless networks in two physically separated buildings.

Juniper’s Wireless Access Points driven by Mist AI equipped with Wi-Fi 6 stood out for providing enterprise-grade performance and an AI engine that has replaced manual IT tasks with AI-driven proactive automation and self-healing.

The company has introduced a security and emergency response system that leverages patented virtual Bluetooth LE technology for indoor location tracking without the need for battery powered beacons. JoongAng’s network efficiency has improved, leveraging automation and insights to lower IT costs while maximizing the end-user experience.

Juniper Networks EX9200 and EX3400 have been deployed to enable collaboration and provide simple and secure access for the delivery of mission-critical applications, which is crucial in the execution of the company’s smart office concept.

“We are confident that the various AI-driven network upgrades by Juniper will drive value in every corner of our organization and put us in a strong position for continued growth,” Young Ki Kim, director, JOINS JoongAng, said.