Joaquin IDS deploys D-Link to enhance security

Joaquin Independent School District has deployed D-Link to deliver a comprehensive solution for greater functionality and increased campus-wide security.

Joaquin ISD required to support over 800 PCs and about 500 mobile devices, which included a notebook, tablet and personal device for every teacher and student.

The other concern for Joaquin ISD was security therefore full IP Surveillance solution was required for security cameras.

Joaquin ISD installed a mix of D-Link IP surveillance cameras, networking gear and wireless infrastructure, including the DGS-3120 Series switches which support physical stacking, multicast and enhanced security.

The district has now increases its SAN storage capabilities for fast data transfers of very large files and Gigabit connections from PC to server.

Additionally D-Link has provided a standalone IP camera as a trial to assist the launch of a full-scale camera upgrade.


Also, Joaquin ISD’s network supports nearly 800 LAN connections, approximately 400 wireless connections, 170 IP Surveillance cameras, 80 new IP phones, an all-new public Wi-Fi and an abundance of virtual machines.

“Our old wireless infrastructure was comprised of just Linksys consumer access points. We had no VLANs, no multicasting options and everything was just on one big wide-open network,” said Landon Oliver, technology network administrator and director, Joaquin ISD.

Few days ago, D-Link India launched 11AC Wi-Fi router targeting bandwidth-demanding applications and devices.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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