Italian retailer transforms customer experience with NCR Retail solutions

NCR Retail

Italian retailer Iper deployed NCR Retail solutions at its new store in Milan to improve customer engagement and shopping experience.

The 9,000 square meters of the Iper hypermarket, located in “Il Centro” in Arese, Milan is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe.

This store is equipped with a range of NCR hardware and software that automates the checkout services, offering customers the choice of self-service or assisted checkout.

To enable these facilities, Iper deployed the NCR RealPOS XR7 systems at cash counters. Iper also offers a number of self-checkout options for customers, such as the NCR Fastlane Self-Serv Checkout solution where customers scan their purchase and pay with cash or other payment options.

In addition, the hypermarket uses the smaller NCR Self-Serv 90 for two types of transactions. The first is a self-checkout with electronic payment options only where customers scan the content of their shopping cart at the checkout.

The second is an electronic pay station at which customers simply pay for the items that they have scanned with a handheld device when putting it in their basket or cart.

In total, the hypermarket checkout consists of 18 self-service payment locations and 28 assisted lanes, to offer the best combination of checkout services, minimizing queues.

All checkout lanes are equipped with the full imaging bioptic NCR RealScan 7879 scanners that are able to read any kind of bar code quickly and accurately.

The assisted lanes also include a “remote” imager, integrated in the mount bracket of the card terminal. In the future, it will allow consumers to use their smartphones, for example, to present their loyalty card and coupon barcodes directly on the screen of their phone, as well as for mobile payments.

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