iPass mobility cost savings calculator enables CIOs to plan BYON

Infotech Lead America: CIOs of enterprises can now control the cost of mobile data roaming with global Wi-Fi roaming access.

Wi-Fi and enterprise mobility services provider iPass has launched its Mobility Cost Savings Calculator.

The Mobility Cost Savings Calculator allows CIOs and IT managers of enterprises to understand the cost savings they can achieve with a Bring Your Own Network (BYON) plan.

A proper BYON plan reduces the cost of mobile data roaming with global Wi-Fi roaming access.

iPass also announced that its Wi-Fi cost index research report outlines the impact of unchecked mobile data roaming costs to business for European and North American business travelers.

The Wi-Fi Cost Index data compares data roaming and connectivity costs. The report covers average data usage, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband costs around the world — and the impact of those costs for North American and European international business travelers.

The Mobility Cost Savings Calculator is vital for CIOs as mobile workers carry an average of 3.5 devices when they travel, and 43 percent report experiencing smartphone bill shock, of nearly $1,100.

“Mobile employees significantly increase a company’s overall productivity. 55 percent of them report they work at least 10 hours or more a week with smartphone, tablet and laptop access to cloud services, which allows them to operate beyond the office — working when and where they choose,” said Christophe Culine, senior vice-president and general manager, iPass Enterprise.

“However, this escalation in productivity increases mobile data roaming costs, making it difficult to control and complex to account for within an organization. The Mobility Cost Savings Calculator helps enterprise IT identify how to reduce spiraling mobile data plan costs and provides a comprehensive cost-savings report that can be shared and discussed internally within an enterprise,” Culine added.

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