Ipanema DWS offers application performance guarantee

Ipanema Technologies today said it unveiled DWS, its Dynamic WAN Selection, offering application performance guarantee, together with VPN tunneling and OS-level firewall capabilities.
DWS will remove the requirement of additional firewall devices at every branch of the organization. Senior company officials said Zscaler can remove the need for an additional firewall device in every branch.
DWS guarantees application performance on large and complex hybrid deployments with the solution provided by Ipanema.
In order to maximize the end-user experience and optimize the usage of each available path, Ipanema’s solution chooses the best network access for each application flow.
Enterprises can regain control and protect their application performance across hybrid networks by integrating with Ipanema’s Application Visibility, Control and WAN Optimization.
The Ipanema devices can establish VPN tunnels via the Internet, towards remote data centers that have VPN concentrators or web security gateways such as Zscaler.
“It’s very important to intelligently manage performance and security to cost-efficiently take advantage of hybrid networks,” said Beatrice Piquer-Durand, Vice-President at Ipanema Technologies.
Meanwhile, InfoVista acquired Ipanema Technologies to help enterprises and communications service providers guarantee application performance over hybrid networks.
In January, Ipanema Technologies launched IpanemaCloud Central Management, Ipanema’s first ever cloud-based service to allow VARs, MSPs and telcos to reduce time to market by months.
Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]