iomart installs two Cisco ASR 9912 Routers


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Cloud computing company iomart announced that it has installed two Cisco ASR 9912 Routers to handle high data demand on its networks.

In addition to making a capital investment in Cisco routing technology, the company has moved Internet Exchange Point out of London for better resilience.

The enterprise IT company did not disclose the financial details, but termed the investment as ‘significant’. The investment is made to ensure that Cisco network meet the growing demand for capacity in the wake of growing Internet traffic.

In a press statement, iomart said two Cisco ASR 9912 Routers give four times as much port density as was previously available. Increasing switch port density boosts network performance by allowing simultaneous transmissions of data and increasing the bandwidth or volume of information that can be transferred.

The Cisco ASR 9912 Routers support 10 line-card slots, with each slot capable of switching up to two Tbps of bi-directional traffic. In its first phase, the system will support 4+1 fabric cards allowing 550 Gbps of non-redundant (440 Gbps redundant) switching capacity.

One router has also been moved out of London to an Internet Exchange point in Slough to ensure greater resilience for iomart’s network in the event of a major incident in the capital.

iomart said the network improvement will allow it to peer directly with major European cities without the need to route traffic via London, resulting in reduced Internet latency on these routes.

“This is another significant investment by iomart giving us the big network we need to meet the ever greater data demands of business,” said iomart CEO Angus MacSween. “It will give us the capacity to carry huge amounts of traffic out to the Internet from our data centres.”

The routers also give iomart the ability to absorb much larger amounts of attack data via its Arbor DDoS Peakflow platform and deliver clean traffic out to customers without affecting their services.

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