Interop 2015: Cavium demos SDN, NFV and security solutions

Cavium will demonstrate SDN, NFV and security solutions for next generation enterprise, Cloud and telecom data centers at the INTEROP 2015 in Las Vegas.
The company will demonstrate XPliant Ethernet switches, ThunderX and OCTEON processors, LiquidIO adapters and the new LiquidSecurity Hardware Security Modules.
XPliant Ethernet switches are designed for flexibility and throughput for top of rack and leaf or spine architectures as well as embedded applications in transport, wireless infrastructure, compute and networking appliances.
The switches support 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G interfaces. Company officials said that the switches offered bandwidth up to 3.2 Terabits per second in monolithic silicon targets data center, enterprise and service provider markets.
ThunderX_NY Processor is designed for security, networking and virtual flow accelerators and is based on 48-core ARMv8 processor.
The processor support the NFV applications that require high networking bandwidth, low latency packet processing and high performance security for next generation cloud, enterprise and data centers.
Additionally, OCTEON III Multi core processor targets enterprise and wireless infrastructure with build in hardware acceleration for SSL, IPSec, DPI, packet processing, QoS and traffic management.
Cavium will demonstrate LiquidSecurity offloading SSL Handshakes from multiple applications such as NGINX, SecureDNS, Oracle TDE and others.
Meanwhile, Liquid Server adapters accelerates SDN and NFV by application offloading Open vSwitch (OVS), DPI, Filtering, bandwidth provisioning and security processing for various cloud and data center workloads.
Few days ago, Cavium announced the LiquidSecurity Hardware Security Module (HSM) Family, a complete Hardware Based Transaction Security Solution.
Also, Cavium collaborated with A10 Networks for its LiquidSecurity Hardware Security Module (HSM) family for next generation transaction security for cloud applications.