Interop 2015: Akamai to demo enterprise application delivery

Akamai Technologies will showcase its enterprise application delivery and Web experience optimization expertise at Interop 2015 Las Vegas.
Besides demonstrating Web performance solution, cloud networking solutions and cloud security solutions, Akamai will also show how its technology and solutions can address the unique challenges of delivering applications over the Internet.
Company officials said the new technology designed will help enterprises to accelerate applications and provide scalable, secure and optimal user experiences for global audiences.
Customers can accelerate apps, ensure availability and improve performance in real-time with Akamai’s cloud-based application delivery solutions.
Akamai has designed a solution with Cisco to accelerate HTTP/S applications, video and content while maximizing enterprise network bandwidth.
Additionally, the company will show how Akamai Cloud Security Solutions will help to protect against DDoS or Slowloris attack and how it can harm the unprotected site.
Akamai will teach to manipulate an image through appending application programming interface (API) commands to an image URL with its Mobile delivery solutions.
Akamai will be a part of live presentations, speaking engagements as well as booth demonstrations at Interop Las Vegas.
Few days ago, Akamai at RSA 2015 showcased how advanced cloud security intelligence can help protect enterprises against a constantly changing threat landscape.
Also, Simian has deployed Akamai’s Media Delivery Solution to support its workflow and media management platform.
Akamai Technologies acquired Octoshape, a provider of video over internet, few weeks ago.
Last month, Akamai Technologies acquired Xerocole, a provider of recursive DNS functionality, in a bid to expand its DNS product portfolio.