Intel Unveils Continuous Profiler, an Open Source Solution to Boost Developer Productivity

Intel has made a significant stride in its commitment to fostering innovation and productivity in the developer community with the release of Continuous Profiler to open source.
Intel Continuous Profiler to Increase CPU PerformanceThis move underscores the company’s dedication to an open ecosystem approach aimed at catalyzing innovation. Continuous Profiler, a powerful optimization agent, has already garnered attention from industry leaders such as ironSource, ShareChat, and Snap Inc., who are actively leveraging it to identify production bottlenecks and optimization opportunities.

Developed by Intel Granulate and now contributed to the open source community, Continuous Profiler represents a milestone in providing developers, performance engineers, and DevOps with a unified view to identify runtime inefficiencies.

Asaf Ezra, General Manager of Intel Granulate, emphasized the significance of Continuous Profiler, stating, “Continuous Profiler has been at the heart of what we’ve been doing at Intel Granulate. By helping developers identify bottlenecks in the code, businesses can optimize their applications more easily and effectively.”

The importance of Continuous Profiler lies in its ability to deliver a visualized view of CPU usage through flame graphs, enabling developers to pinpoint performance regressions quickly. Brendan Gregg, Intel Fellow, highlighted its impact, stating, “This visualized view makes it immediately obvious where CPU is consumed so you can find cost savings, eliminate bottlenecks, improve throughput, and reduce latency and performance regressions.”

Continuous Profiler builds upon the evolution of gProfiler, combining multiple sampling profilers to provide a comprehensive visualization of CPU usage. Its unique features allow DevOps teams to filter services based on container name, hostname, or Kubernetes deployment object, streamlining the investigation of different deployments, pods, nodes, and hosts across various regions and code bases.

Moreover, Continuous Profiler boasts SOC2 certification and adheres to Intel’s stringent security standards, ensuring reliability and trust in its deployment.

Looking ahead, Continuous Profiler aims to evolve further to meet the diverse needs of developers, uncover bottlenecks at the runtime level, and enhance application performance for superior user experiences. As part of its commitment to the open source community, Intel will continue refining the tool alongside contributors to empower developers in building faster, stronger, and more cost-efficient applications.

For those attending KubeCon EU, Intel will showcase its dedication to the open source community at two booths: the Intel Open Ecosystem Booth #H5 and the Intel Enterprise Software Booth #J17. Through these platforms, Intel aims to demonstrate how its solutions enable companies to manage, secure, and scale cloud-native workloads efficiently, paving the way for accelerated AI adoption.

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