Intel Security: Trust, security critical for cloud adoption

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Intel Security shared a global survey report on implications surrounding the growing adoption of the cloud.

The survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne, interviewed 1,200 IT decision makers across the globe found that 77 percent of participants noting that their organizations trust cloud computing more than a year ago.  Just 13 percent completely trust public cloud providers to secure sensitive data.

“This is a new era for cloud providers,” said Raj Samani, chief technology officer, Intel Security EMEA.

“As we enter a phase of wide-scale adoption of cloud computing to support critical applications and services, the question of trust within the cloud becomes imperative. This will become integral into realizing the benefits that cloud computing can truly offer.”

Intel Security noted that the cloud already has a strong impact in the daily lives of many people and businesses with an ever-growing number of activities performed on digital devices leveraging cloud computing in some way.

The survey also found that a whopping 81 percent of organizations are planning on investing in infrastructure-as-a-service, followed by 79 percent security-as-a-service, 69 percent platform-as-a-service and 60 percent software-as-a-service.

With regard to security and compliance, 72 percent of respondents list compliance as the primary concern across all types of cloud deployments and only 13 percent of respondents noted knowing whether or not their organizations stored sensitive data in the cloud.

Further, More than 1 in 5 respondents expressed their main concern around using SaaS is having a data security incident, and correspondingly, data breaches were a top concern for IaaS and private clouds.

On the contrary, results found that less than a quarter of enterprises are aware of data breaches with their cloud service providers.

On April 14, Steve Grobman, Intel Security CTO and Intel Fellow, along with Brian Dye, Intel Security corporate vice president and general manager of corporate products, will discuss the report’s implications for federal government cloud deployments at the Security through Innovation Summit in Pentagon City, Virginia.

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