Intel to power Olympic Games with innovative technology

Olympics and technologyIntel-promoted McAfee said the 2018 Winter Games will face cyber-attacks, while Intel said it would drive technology adoption during Olympic Games.

Cybercriminals will be seeking passwords and financial information, using a number of techniques during the 2018 Winter Games.

McAfee, a cyber-security company, said fans, consumers, athletes and organizations should take measures to avoid Winter Games-themed phishing attacks.

Tactics of cybercriminals include: email distributed from “spoofed” corporate branded email addresses, emails written in native languages; and the addition of attached documents marked as “protected.”

McAfee recently uncovered Operation GoldDragon, a malware attack targeting organizations affiliated with the 2018 Winter Games. Investigation by McAfee Advanced Threat Research analysts has uncovered the consequences for victims of malware implant GoldDragon include attackers’ accessing end-user systems and collecting data stored on the device and connected cloud accounts.

Potential risks include: attacker’s access to customer and employee financial or personal data, Winter Games related details, trade secrets, and more.

Intel said it’s reimagining the Olympic Games in PyeongChang to improve experience for people all over the world. Intel’s technology adoption will be powered by advanced drones, VR and connectivity with 5G demonstration at PyeongChang Olympic Park.

Intel aims to transform how the world watches sports with the first Olympic Winter Games broadcast live in virtual reality.

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