Intel displays smart tiny house to explore possibilities of IoT

intel smart home

Intel demonstrated a tiny, connected home to explore the possibilities that the Internet of Things holds for the home.

Intel said the 210 square feet home is an experimental showcase that Intel will develop over the next 12 to 18 months.

The home demonstrates the company’s intention to address key issues – from interoperability to security to actionable data outputs – and provide the hardware, software and power of the cloud to take the home from “connected” to truly “smart.”

Further, Intel said there is a gap between realities of today’s connected home and expectations for the smart home of the future.

Citing results of its Architecting the Future of the Smart Home 2025 survey, the enterprise IT major said 68 percent of Americans are confident that smart homes will be as commonplace as smartphones within 10 years.

The company also said consumers expect ease of use, reliability, simple installation and steadfast security from smart homes.

In a world increasingly dominated by connected devices and mobile users, the concept of smart home and home network has long ways to go. Researches show the future of home network market is robust, given the wide adoption and acceptance of smart technologies in every aspects of life.

According to latest report from ABI Research, the smart home market would reach $34 billion in 2020 and it is becoming the center of activity for multiple IoT ecosystems, including wearables.

According to Research and Markets, privacy and security remain the critical challenges for the connected home appliances market since data is carried over the network.

Convincing consumers is another challenge that the smart home market is facing. A new research from CP Consulting found that 55.2 percent of the UK consumers not planning to buy any products in the next 12 months do not feel the need for Connected Home devices.

Moreover, 41.6 percent think that devices are too expensive and 22.9 percent are concerned about their privacy.

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