Intel CIO Paula Tolliver explains how IT is enhancing productivity

Intel CIO Paula TolliverIntel CIO Paula Tolliver has explained how the technology company is enhancing the productivity and operational efficiency because of its investment in IT.

“Our annual report demonstrates that Intel IT continues to raise the bar in driving innovation, like machine learning and predictive analytics, that helps accelerate growth opportunities for Intel,” said Paula Tolliver.

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The US-based Intel is using predictive analytics and machine learning to make better products faster, improve its supply chain, and make its marketing and sales efforts more effective. Intel said IT investment is leading the company’s digital transformation.

70 percent of global 2,000 CEOs are building corporate strategies around digital transformation to manage unprecedented technological and economic disruption, according to IT research agency IDC.

Intel and IT

# $656 million in business value derived by rolling out predictive analytics across Intel’s sales, supply chain, factory and manufacturing operations worldwide.

# Estimated $1 million per year in operational savings due to the rollout of 30,000 disaggregated servers dedicated to product design, cutting refresh costs by as much as 65 percent.

# 39-week improvement in bringing Intel products to market via a machine-learning platform that uncovers potential bugs during the design phase of a product before it goes into development.

# 50,000 hours that employees saved by using the Intel Unite solution to quickly start and connect to conference room meetings.