Intel CIO explains how its IT team delivered $1 bn plus in business value

Intel said its Information Technology (IT) organization delivered over $1 billion in business value — by embedding artificial intelligence (AI) into Intel’s most critical areas.
Intel CIO Paula Tolliver
Intel CIO Paula Tolliver said Intel’s IT team has also assisted the company in adding $2.85 billion in terms of revenue through strategic business partnerships and engagements across marketing, sales and product development.

The 2018-2019 Intel IT Annual Performance Report highlights how Intel IT’s collaboration with the company’s business units to implement AI, advanced analytics and machine learning has generated concrete results in areas such as supply chain, product lifecycle management, product design and production, and sales.

“Intel is pushing the boundaries in areas such as AI, 5G and autonomous vehicles, and Intel’s Information Technology team is a critical partner in this work,” Intel CIO Paula Tolliver said in a statement.

Intel said the IT team — with an employee base of 5,422 at 22 sites — is playing an essential role in Intel’s transformation to a data-centric company.
Intel IT innovationIntel’s supply chain includes 600 facilities in 63 countries, 19,000 suppliers and 2,000 customers while fulfilling 1 million orders and shipping 1 billion units each year. Intel IT applies AI and advanced analytics to optimize parts delivery across businesses and suppliers and reduce bill of materials costs for new systems and boards.

Intel IT uses AI to produce automation tools that can greatly increase the amount of issues identified in product validation.

Intel IT’s Sales AI platform is the cornerstone of the Sales Assist program which collects and analyzes data to help account managers engage with customers more effectively.

Intel IT team saved 933,000 people-hours per quarter with solutions such as one-click video meetings, mobile capabilities for frequently-used applications and easier deployments and upgrades of employee PCs.

It also saved $1.25 billion in business value across 24 projects in design, manufacturing and supply chain.

Technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics have sped the time-to-market of new products by 52 weeks.

Intel’s product validation cycle is expected to improve in efficiency by 20 percent by 2020 with integrated AI in critical validation processes.

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