Intel brings new HPC-optimized fabric technology to more industries

Intel on Monday announced the launch of the Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA), a new HPC-optimized fabric technology, offering better performance to more industries.

The advancements to its Intel Scalable System Framework (Intel SSF) bring high performance computing (HPC) capabilities and benefits to more industries and new workloads.

HPC will assist healthcare and financial services, which are demanding super computer capabilities, to gain real-time insights from complex data sets.

“System-level innovations in processing, memory, software and fabric technologies are enabling system capabilities to be designed and optimized for different usages, from traditional HPC to the emerging world of big data analytics and everything in between,” said Charlie Wuischpard, vice president and general manager of HPC Platform Group at Intel.

Intel SSF, an architectural approach designed to enable more scalable, flexible and balanced HPC systems, will help to simplify the procurement, deployment and management of HPC systems, broadening the accessibility of HPC to more industries and workloads such as data-driven analytics, visualization and machine learning.

The Intel SSF architecture helps run divergent workloads that stress different parts of the system – compute, memory, I/O – by enabling innovations that optimize the performance of a variety of workloads to be managed in a consistent way.

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