Intel at NRF 2018

Retail technology spending
Intel has revealed its technology innovations for retailers at the NRF 2018.

“Through the combination of our technology innovation and strong partner ecosystem, we are helping build a bright future for retail, where the best years are yet to come,” said Joe Jensen is vice president of the Internet of Things Group and general manager of the Retail Solutions Division at Intel.

Intel said retailers in nearly 60 stores have deployed responsive retail IoT technologies, which were launched during NRF 2017.

Intel at NRF 2018 said its Intel announced responsive retail IoT technologies are promoted by 26 partners.

The US-based technology company revealed further update on its decision to make $100 million investment in advancing retail innovation that was also announced during NRF 2017.

Intel Capital made investments in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) automation.

JD, one of the largest online retailers in China, has opened its first staff-free store called D-Mart at its company headquarters. Staff-free stores are a growing international trend bringing the conveniences of online retailing into the physical shop.

D-Mart store has deployed responsive technology suite that includes smart shelves, intelligent cameras, gateways and sensors, smart counters for frictionless checkout, and smart digital signage.

JD’s staff-free store leverages Intel responsive technologies that range from edge computing to digital signage to point of sale (POS) solutions. China has 6.8 million mom-and-pop retailers.

G-Star, a Dutch retailer, piloted the Intel Responsive Retail Sensor in over 20 stores, and has plans to scale globally to an additional 100 stores.

Used in tandem with RIOT insight software for analytics, the Intel-based solution provides data-driven insights for retailer to make informed inventory management decisions.

Lolli & Pops, a retailer of gourmet candies, uses computer vision and AI to provide the next generation of personalized customer experience. Lolli & Pops Magic Makers recognize loyalty members in real time as they enter the store.

Using AI-enhanced analytics, the retailer accesses members’ preferences and makes personalized product recommendations – giving shoppers the sweet VIP treatment, while ensuring they keep coming back.

At NRF 2018, over 30 Intel partners will feature Intel-based solutions designed to help solve retail’s biggest challenges. New solutions like HP’s Elite POS; Toshiba’s next-generation self-checkout system, the POS AIO; and Lenovo’s new mPOS will offer innovative solutions to retailers.

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