Infortrend unveils EonStor DS 4000 mid-range storage

Infortrend has unveiled the new EonStor DS 4000 series of mid-range storage with 11,000MB/s read and 4,200MB/s write capabilities.

System features a dual host board design to increase hybrid interface flexibility, combining fiber channel, SAS and iSCSI for SAN, IP SAN and DAS on one system to accelerate performance.

EonStor DS 4000 integrates 12Gb/s SAS technology host side and drive side for high speed data transfer and better performance. The target will be media editing, databases and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications. The company said this system supports self encryption drives (SED). The storage series supports secure remote replication for disaster recovery.

Infortrend unveils EonStor DS 4000 mid-range storage

They are scalable and support up to 436 drives via Infortrend’s JB 3000 expansion enclosures (JBODs), which also features 12Gb/s SAS drive side support and offers services for backup, security, data integrity and recovery.

“EonStor DS 4000 systems represent a whole new generation of storage with envelope pushing 12Gb/s SAS performance and versatile dual host board design backed by infortrend assured quality and data services,” said Thomas Kao, senior director of product planning at Infortrend.

EonStor DS 4000 supports SSD cache and automated storage tiering with extensive data services. The EonStor DS 4000 series is available in 3U 16-bay model, EonStor DS 4016.

In January 2015, Infortrend announced new generation EonStor DS 3000T systems, with the T denoting turbo mode. These are designed for all SSD storage and feature SSD cache for boosting the performance of hot data.

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