INetU offers INFINIDAT’s improved storage solutions


Enterprise data storage solution provider INFINIDAT said Allentown-based cloud hosting and security services provider INetU has installed InfiniBox.

InfiniBox is an enterprise storage solution from INFINIDAT.  It allows INetU to get customers up and running quickly without having to rely on multiple hardware installations and processes.

INFINIDAT claimed that INetU can deliver 100 terabytes of storage immediately with InfiniBox to a customer.  The InfiniBox solution also meets the security requirements of the INetU clients, separating each customer and ensuring all data can be secure and compliant.

INetU offers SAN infrastructure to private cloud customers in order to meet their demanding performance needs.

In an expansion of that offering, INetU has teamed with INFINIDAT to provide a shared SAN option that features a lower price point, faster provisioning and more flexibility to meet customers’ ever-changing storage needs.

“As a managed cloud service provider, we wanted to be able to offer our customers a high performance shared SAN solution that can be quickly provisioned,” said Andrew Hodes, CTO at INetU.

The InfiniBox was subjected to rigorous testing during a Proof of Concept run by INetU. INetU found that the InfiniBox exceeded all testing requirements, delivering performance levels that meet the needs of INetU customers and proving to be a highly reliable machine.

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