Indian retailer Bata taps Thinspaces skyGate for remote access

Bata India, a retailer and manufacturer of footwear in India, has selected Thinspaces skyGate for remote access capabilities. Applications are based on Oracle and SAP R3.
Bata India has a retail network of over 1,200 stores.
Thinspace Technology, a global provider of application delivery, virtualization, and cloud client technology, is supporting Bata India with secure access to production and development to ERP servers from remote locations and help control user access.
Thinspace skyGate enables developers to access the development and production servers without any hassles. Bata can restrict developers and contractors to work from specific machines to ensure that specific devices have access over the internet to production servers.
“skyGate can provide always-on seamless access to power users, while at the same time deliver on-demand remote access from unmanaged machines. This is much better than IPsec or legacy based solutions, which provide only one way of running the VPN,” said Chris Bautista, chief executive officer of Thinspace.
Thinspace Technology, which operates in B2B markets of desk top virtualization and cloud computing solutions, achieved 2014 annual revenues of $6.267 million, representing year-over-year improvement of 315 percent.
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