Indian online shoppers beat the heat, use mobile for shopping: eBay India

Infotech Lead India: 59 percent of mobile shoppers would rather shop using their mobile phone than go bargain hunting in the summer heat, according to an eBay India survey.

The eBay India summer mobile commerce survey revealed that the most popular items that people shopped for were sunglasses (49 percent), cotton apparel (43 percent), T shirts (36 percent), shorts (34 percent) and caps (18 percent).

56 percent of mobile shoppers prefer white, 50 percent choose blue, 22 percent go for green, 20 percent prefer black and 20 percent look for items in cream color.

Mobile shoppers who indulged in gadget shopping were looking for mobile phones (67 percent) and tablets (35 percent).

83 percent shopped for themselves while 30 percent shopped for their parents, 29 percent shopped for their spouse and 19 percent shopped for their children.

Phones were the most popular category of purchase with 47 percent of mobile shoppers purchasing phones for their family and friends this season. Clothes and footwear were the second most popular category at 42 percent.

Mobile shoppers looking for the best deals available often compared product prices and 72 percent of the respondents said they spend time on this activity.

Perhaps due to the summer heat, 71 percent of mobile shoppers preferred to shop from the comfort of their home. 43 percent of the shoppers accessed shopping sites at night. Prudent mobile shoppers always checked prices online on their phone before they shopped in a store or at a mall (62 percent).

Over 52 percent of mobile shoppers opted to pay using their debit card. 85 percent of all respondents said that they accessed shopping sites or shopping apps on their mobile device.  60 percent of all respondents stated that they had bought a product online on their mobile device.

Over 25 percent of mobile shoppers chose to shop using their mobile device for products in the price point of Rs. 10,001 & above. The frequency of shopping was twice a month for 36 percent of mobile shoppers and twice in a month for 24 percent.

The convenience of mobile shopping is drew 54 percent of consumers to mobile shopping.

51 percent of mobile shoppers chose to use their phones for mobile shopping while 18 percent use their mobile and tablet devices equally.

While 46 percent of mobile shoppers prefer to access shopping sites via browsers, over 21 percent of shoppers use both apps & browsers equally on their mobile device.

Users of 3G services form 57 percent of the shoppers while 32 percent use 2G services and only 11 percent use EDGE.

Samsung device users formed 39 percent of the shoppers, followed by Nokia users at 16 percent and users of Apple at 11 percent.

Of operating systems, 68 percent of mobile shoppers used Android, 11 percent used iOS and 10 percent used Symbian operating systems. 53 percent of consumers have downloaded the eBay app or surfed the eBay website via mobile phones / tablets.

Muralikrishnan B, country manager, eBay India, said: “Mobile commerce adoption has increased significantly in the country due to multiple factors such as enhanced 3G penetration and availability of affordable smartphones.”

According to the eBay India Summer Mobile Commerce Survey, of the total respondents, 92 percent were male and 49 percent of the respondents were mobile shoppers from non-metro cities of India.

eBay’s revenue for the first quarter ended March 31, 2013, increased 14 percent to $3.7 billion, compared to the same period of 2012.


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