IDC: Storage revenue dips 0.6% to $13.4 bn in first quarter

The enterprise storage systems market decreased 0.6 percent to $13.4 billion during the first quarter of 2019, IDC research report said.
Dell and HPE share in storage market Q1 2019Storage capacity shipments grew 14.1 percent to 114.2 exabytes during the first quarter of 2019.

Revenue generated by original design manufacturers (ODMs) selling directly to hyperscale datacenters fell 5.3 percent to $2.95 billion. ODM sale represents 22.1 percent of storage investments.

Sales of server-based storage dropped 6.6 percent to over $3.6 billion, representing 26.6 percent of total enterprise storage investments.

The external storage systems market revenue rose 5 percent to nearly $6.9 billion during the quarter.

Dell Technologies with 22.2 percent share, HPE with 17.3 percent and NetApp with 6.7 percent share are the top three storage vendors.

Hitachi with 3.6 percent share, Lenovo with 2.5 percent, IBM with 2.5 percent, Pure Storage with 2.2 percent, Huawei with 2.1 percent, Fujitsu with 1.9 percent and Inspur with 1.9 percent are the other top storage vendors.

Dell Technologies was the largest external enterprise storage systems supplier, accounting for 34.4 percent of worldwide revenue.

NetApp was second with 13 percent of the external enterprise storage market, followed by HPE with 10.9 percent.

Hitachi held the fourth position in external enterprise storage systems market with 6.6 percent.

IBM and Pure Storage have 4.7 percent and 4.2 percent market share, respectively, in the external enterprise storage systems market.

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