Is IBM’s DS8880 all-flash storage better than EMC and Hitachi?

IBM’s DS8880 all-flash storageEnterprise IT major IBM announced all-flash storage solutions for midrange and large enterprises – supporting cognitive workloads.

One enterprise client has already selected IBM’s DS8880 all-flash storage after evaluating both EMC and Hitachi.

IBM claims that its all-flash storage solutions provide speed and reliability needed for workloads ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial transactions to cognitive applications like machine learning and natural language processing.

IBM will offer the DS8880 all-flash data systems on January 20, 2017 directly from IBM and through IBM Business Partners.

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Through integration between IBM Storage and IBM z Systems, co-developed software that provides data protection, remote replication and optimization for midrange and large enterprises, is embedded in these new solutions. This advanced microcode is ideal for cognitive workloads on z Systems and Power System requiring the highest availability and system reliability possible.

“The DS8880 All-Flash family is targeted at users that have experienced poor storage performance due to latency, low server utilization, high energy consumption, low system availability and high operating costs,” said Ed Walsh, general manager, IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure.

IBM’s DS8880 all-flash systems family includes

Business Class Storage

The IBM DS8884F has been designed for traditional applications such as ERP, order processing, database transactions, customer relationship management and human resources information systems. It offers the lowest entry cost for midrange enterprises with 256 GB Cache (DRAM) and between 6.4-154 TB of Flash Capacity.

Enterprise Class Storage

IBM DS8886F has been engineered for high speed transactional operations like high-performance online transaction processing, high-speed commercial data processing, high-performance data warehouse and data mining and critical financial transaction systems. It provides users 2 TB Cache (DRAM) and between 6.4-614.4 TB of Flash Capacity.

Analytic Class Storage

IBM DS8888F is ideal for cognitive and real-time analytics and decision making including predictive analytics, real time optimization, machine learning and cognitive systems, natural language speech and video processing. To support this it delivers 2 TB Cache (DRAM) and between 6.4 TB-1.22 PB of Flash Capacity providing superior performance and capacity able to address the most demanding business workload requirements.

Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, which provides health insurance to approximately 2 million customers, has deployed IBM DS8886 along with IBM DB2 for z System/OS data server software to provide an integrated data backup and restore system.

Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia did not select both Hitachi and EMC in order to manage its new customer-facing applications such as electronic ordering processing and electronic receipts with additional capacity and performance.

Bojan Fele, CIO of Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, said: “Our DS8000 implementation has improved our reporting capabilities by reducing time to actionable insights. Furthermore, it has increased employee productivity, ensuring we can better serve our clients.”

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