IBM to supply DS8000 hybrid storage system to Tata Sky

IBM Corporation
Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced its deal with Tata Sky, a broadcast satellite television provider in India, to supply DS8000 hybrid storage system.

Tata Sky’s 30 million customers will gain from the newly launched IBM DS8000 hybrid flash storage that supported the Indian DTH operator to improve response time and queries now return in less than one second, bringing higher efficiencies..

“Tata Sky simply cannot operate without mission-critical storage that provides the utmost business continuity and operational efficiency in both our primary and disaster recovery sites,” said N. Ravishanker, CIO of Tata Sky. “The technology deployed at Tata Sky relies on mitigating risk of data loss and at the same time, accessing data swiftly.”

The DTH operator is utilizing IBM DS8000 systems as its primary storage for all critical workloads, including CRM, billing and disaster recovery.

The DS8000 family meets challenges by significantly improving the management of growing storage demands of digital businesses.

DS8880 supports mission-critical applications to accelerate up to two times faster than previous generations. IBM targets banking and financial industries for offering DS8880 for their electronic medical records, as well as for ERP, CRM and retail systems that need agile and constant access to data.

The latest architecture also mitigates risk since all components are redundant and can be upgraded online. This minimizes downtime to approximately 30 seconds per year — even less if a multi-site disaster recovery solution is also installed.

The DS8880 family maximizes utilization of resources, including staff productivity, space and cost with streamlined management and operations and 30 percent reduction in footprint on a new 19-inch rack.

Jamie Thomas, general manager, IBM Storage, said: “As part of IBM’s bold commitment to storage, today’s launch of the DS8880 family offers an ideal solution for clients like Tata Sky that require high performing, mission critical acceleration to manage the changing conditions in the modern enterprise.”

The new DS8880 storage can scale three petabytes, offering advanced features for compliance and security. The DS8880 graphical user interface (GUI) also includes intuitive navigation and streamlined configuration processes, providing customizable views, interactive menus and a configuration wizard to help administrators configure an entire solution in less than 30 minutes.

IBM is selling the new family of storage at a starting price of $50,000.

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