IBM takes SaaS route to expand in Africa

IBM is taking the SaaS route to expand in Africa.

IBM also announced new IT knowledge-building initiatives that will enable African workforce to develop new analytics, cloud and data skills.

“Leaders in business, education and government agree that enabling the existing and future workforce to perform at the cutting edge of technology trends such as big data, analytics and cloud computing is key to Africa’s growth,” said Takreem El Tohamy, general manager, IBM Middle East and Africa.

Recently, Microsoft announced that it will fund 5 start-ups in Africa.

Takreem El Tohamy, general manager, IBM Middle East and Afric

IBM Africa Technical Institutes initiative delivers technical education to the IBM ecosystem of clients and potential clients, business partners and academia to build the knowledge and skills base of IBM IT users.

IBM has rolled out the Africa Technical Institute in 11 countries to create further demand for deeper training and certification within the African IT community.

In total 400 clients, 200 Business Partners and 30 IBMers participated in 2013, IBM said.

IBM’s Software Skills Enablement program expands the technical talent base in Africa by offering training and academic skills certification on leading edge technology solutions such as Big Data, cloud computing and mobile services.

Using channels such as mobile-enabled education delivery and SaaS, the goal is to create a pool of prospective new hires in Africa for clients, business partners and IBM subsidiaries.

Piloted in 2013, this skills enablement delivery model will reach 3500 African faculty and students, said IBM in a statement.

IBM will award grants to faculty to drive curriculum development and research that will deliver business and technical solutions to advance the key industries of Africa such as banking, telco and natural resources.

In addition, the LEADing to Africa internship program builds an important recruitment channel across our business in Africa by providing a short-term real, world experience in other IBM markets

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