IBM Spectrum Storage offers 53% cut in backup costs

IBM announces pay-as-you-go Cloud storage program
IBM has added new cloud features to two IBM Spectrum Storage offerings – promising clients to reduce backup infrastructure costs on average by up to 53 percent.

The enhancements to IBM Spectrum Storage offerings are part of the company’s investment in software defined storage.

Over the last 6 months, more than 1,000 new clients have selected products from the IBM Spectrum Storage portfolio for their data storage needs.

The new features enable IBM Spectrum Protect to now help businesses back up data to on-premises object storage or the cloud, without the need for cloud-gateway appliances. IBM Spectrum Protect supports IBM Cloud infrastructure today. IBM Spectrum Protect will be supporting other public clouds in the future.

The company said a single IBM Spectrum Protect server performs the work of up to 15 CommVault servers — aiding large enterprises to consolidate backup servers to reduce cost and complexity, while managing data growth from mobile, social and Internet of Things (IoT).

SMBs can eliminate the need for additional backup servers, media servers or deduplication appliances. Enhanced IBM Spectrum Protect software can assist clients to reduce backup infrastructure costs on average by up to 53 percent.

For instance, cloud service provider Tectrade backs up more than 13,000 systems per day using IBM Spectrum Protect.

“IBM Spectrum Protect offers significant enhancements and richer functionality than many other virtual backup technologies that are available in the market today,” said William Bush, technical services manager, Tectrade.

IBM will be offering Spectrum Protect in Q4 2015 as an option on the VersaStack solutions jointly developed by IBM and Cisco.

IBM is also enhancing the software-only version of IBM Spectrum Accelerate to reduce costs by consolidating storage and compute resources on the same servers. The company is offering Spectrum Accelerate with portable licensing across XIV systems, on- premises servers, and cloud environments.

IBM’s Spectrum Storage portfolio can centrally manage more than 300 different storage devices and yottabytes of data. IBM Spectrum Storage can help reduce storage costs up to 90 percent in certain environments by automatically moving data onto the most economical storage device – either from IBM or non-IBM flash, disk and tape systems.

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