IBM signs IT managed services deal with Bidco Africa

IBM on Thursday announced its IT deal with Bidco Africa to provide IT systems as a service and manage remotely.

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The IT deal is expected to assist Bidco, a leading manufacturer of cooking oil and hygiene products in East Africa, in ensuring cost savings by shifting its IT infrastructure management to IBM. The company will utilize the saved funds for expansion into more countries as part of Bidco Africa’s 2015 growth plan.

Bidco aims to improve its business application performance by 40 percent, lower capital expenditure, improve return on investment by 20 percent and productivity by 40 percent — as a result of the IT infrastructure and managed services deal with IBM.

IBM in IT managed services deal with Bidco Africa

As per the IT deal, IBM will transition Bidco’s systems and applications to 4 Power Systems servers, one V7000 Storage system, one Power Systems Hardware Management Console, two IBM System Storage SAN Switches, and two IBM Storage tape drives. The systems will be located in Bidco’s data center, but owned and operated by IBM, which will provide the technology as a service to the client.

IBM said the first phase will involve the migration from existing infrastructure and project management during transition. IBM will then oversee remote monitoring, maintenance and overall delivery of hardware provided as a service, all managed remotely via IBM Global Delivery Centers.

The managed services will offer 24-hour monitoring of the infrastructure to improve services, help eliminate IT-related expenses by providing a predictable billing stream, improve customer experience through enhanced computing capacity and drive seamless performance to all of Bidco’s business users.

IBM announced over 20 banking deals throughout Africa over the last five years. Within the health sector, Metropolitan Health in South Africa and the Zambia Ministry of Health tapped IBM solutions to drive their business models.

Baburajan K
[email protected]