IBM Sells The Weather Company Assets to Francisco Partners

IBM has announced that investment firm Francisco Partners is set to acquire The Weather Company assets from IBM, a move that reflects the evolution of the weather and technology industries. The specific terms of the transaction remain undisclosed.
With a legacy spanning over two decades, Francisco Partners has established itself as a prominent and active investor in the technology sector, having invested in more than 400 technology companies. The acquisition of The Weather Company assets solidifies Francisco Partners’ commitment to technological innovation.

The assets being acquired by Francisco Partners encompass a wide array of offerings from The Weather Company, including its digital consumer-facing products such as The Weather Channel, mobile applications, and cloud-based digital properties like, Weather Underground, and Storm Radar. Additionally, the enterprise solutions catering to broadcast, media, aviation, advertising technology, and emerging industries are part of the acquisition. The deal also includes The Weather Company’s proprietary forecasting science and technology platform.

Known for delivering highly accurate weather data to both consumers and businesses, The Weather Company stands among the top 10 most trusted brands in the United States. It reaches an average monthly audience of over 415 million people through its various digital properties, making it a vital source of information.

IBM will focus on its sustainability software business, retaining assets like the Environmental Intelligence Suite (EIS), designed to assist clients in managing, measuring, reporting, and operationalizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data.

Notably, IBM plans to continue integrating The Weather Company’s weather data into EIS for a range of climate-related applications. The platform also leverages a geospatial foundational AI model powered by NASA’s satellite dataset, which has multifaceted applications, from disaster monitoring to agricultural predictions.

Under the guidance and resources provided by Francisco Partners, The Weather Company aims to broaden its horizons beyond traditional forecasting. By developing new tools and experiences, the company plans to help users better comprehend how weather impacts various facets of their lives, beginning with health and well-being.

For businesses, The Weather Company envisions offering actionable insights that enhance the value they provide to their customers. Meanwhile, the company’s advertising platform will continue furnishing real-time experiences for the advertising and subscription media industry while upholding stringent consumer privacy regulations.

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