IBM reveals latest clients for quantum computing

IBM Quantum Computing clientsIBM announced the latest list of enterprise clients for its IBM Q quantum computing systems.

JPMorgan Chase, Daimler, Samsung, JSR Corporation, Barclays, Hitachi Metals, Honda, Nagase, Keio University, Oak Ridge National Lab, Oxford University and University of Melbourne are the latest clients for IBM Q.

These 12 initial organizations join the newly formed IBM Q Network, a collaboration of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and research labs to advance quantum computing. IBM Q Network will foster a growing quantum computing ecosystem based on IBM’s open source quantum software and developer tools.

IBM recently built and measured the first working 50 qubitprototype processor. IBM anticipates that access to this prototype will be offered to IBM Q Network participants in the next generation IBM Q system.

“IBM Q Network will serve as a vehicle to make quantum computing more accessible to businesses and organizations through access to the most advanced IBM Q systems and quantum ecosystem,” said Dario Gil, vice president of AI and IBM Q, IBM Research.

JPMorgan Chase will partner with IBM, focusing on use cases for quantum computing applicable to the financial industry including trading strategies, portfolio optimization, asset pricing and risk analysis.

Lori Beer, CIO of JPMorgan Chase, said: “Joining IBM Q Network allows us to bring our technologists alongside IBM’s researchers and leverage cutting-edge quantum systems to learn about how we may be able to apply these technologies in the future.”

Daimler will work with IBM to advance the use cases of quantum computing for the automotive and transportation industry.

Ola Kallenius, member of Daimler AG board, said: “Quantum computing could be a crucial element in creating sustainable and highly efficient mobility.”

Samsung will explore a variety of use cases where quantum computing may impact the future of the semiconductor and electronics industry.

Seongjun Park, vice president at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, said: “We hope to take part in unveiling the unexplored potential of quantum computing and pave a road forward for future commercial applications.”

JSR Corporation, a chemical and materials company, will explore how quantum computing can improve materials for electronics, environmental and energy applications.

Nobu Koshiba, president of JSR Corporation, said: “JSR scientists will focus on computational chemistry and pave a road forward for potential commercial applications.”

Barclays, Hitachi Metals, Honda and Nagase will build their knowledge of general approaches to quantum computing and begin to investigate potential use cases for their industries of finance, materials, automotive and chemistry respectively.

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