IBM Power enables clients to deploy 8 SAP HANA on a single server

IBM Power has enabled enterprises to deploy up to eight SAP HANA production databases on a single server — using the virtualization capabilities.

With this, the enterprise IT major IBM has expanded the infrastructure choices for companies considering using the SAP HANA platform to transform their business.

Virtualization capabilities of IBM Power assist enterprise clients to easily break down barriers of platform virtualization and deploy more SAP HANA workloads on a single server.

SAP HANA, from the German business software major SAP, provides the ability to run transactions in real-time with real-time analytics to gain insight into their businesses. This includes workloads such as recording a sales transaction, notifying the warehouse to ship from inventory instantly after receiving payment for the order – with real-time insights.

IBM Power Systems help make it easier to consolidate multiple SAP HANA instances in combination with other applications.

Benefits to companies

Simplifying the integration and management of multiple SAP systems, including planning for coordinated failover/failback scenarios

Increased savings through a smaller footprint and accelerated speed to production

Streamlining and consolidation of workloads, enabling test, development and production systems to run simultaneously on the same server

IBM says Power Systems include the resiliency to run SAP HANA in the most mission-critical environments. This is important as clients migrate their business-critical workloads to SAP S/4HANA. The Power Systems predictive failure alerts and smart memory resolve potential problems before they occur and provide system administrators with early notification.

Power Systems leadership in flexibility and RAS offers:

# Live Partition Mobility, which enables clients to move live applications from server to server

Elastic Capacity on Demand, enabling system administrators to grow or shrink capacity based on business need

High-Availability components designed to deliver more than 99.997 percent uptime.

“Kennametal very much values the reliability, flexibility, scalability and consolidation capabilities of the IBM Power Systems platform, which enables us to plan landscape growth and environment management flexibility as our operational requirements change,” said Steve Parker, director of Application Development at Kennametal.

“Our clients are consistently searching for ways to reduce their overall IT footprint and associated costs without sacrificing capability or performance,” said Kathy Bennett, vice president for IBM Systems.

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