IBM leads all-flash storage array vendor in 2014

IBM is the number one all-flash storage array vendor in 2014, shipping more petabytes and units for SSA than any other competitor.

In 2014, IBM sold more than 2,100 FlashSystems, totaling 62 petabytes (PB) of capacity, 33 percent of the total all-flash PB capacity for the year, and 82 percent more than the closest competitive product, said Gartner.

Michael Kuhn, vice president and Business Line Executive, IBM Enterprise Storage, said: “Companies understand the benefits of high-speed data access and don’t want to keep their customers waiting as they access their critical data, whether via a web commerce page or a banking application or patient healthcare record.”

IBM FlashSystem 900
IBM’s new FlashSystem solutions enable clients to deploy an all-flash enterprise storage solution for less than $2 a gigabyte of effective storage.

The company says that data intensive industries such as healthcare, financial services and retail are utilizing IBM FlashSystem. Companies adopting FlashSystem are also recording significant savings in energy, space and IT administration costs.

IP-Only AB, a Swedish internet and telecoms operator, has benefitted from IBM FlashSystem by reducing the need to deploy new physical servers as the virtual landscape grows.

Christian Pallinder, senior solutions architect, IP-Only AB, said that FlashSystem enabled them to run around three times more virtual machines per physical server. It reduced report processing time from six hours to four minutes without any code change.

The company’s new solutions, IBM FlashSystem V9000 and IBM FlashSystem 900, provide real-time analytical insights with up to 50 times better performance than traditional enterprise storage, said IBM.

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