IBM Lab taps Juniper Networks to deliver network connectivity

IBM Research Accelerated Discovery Lab is using Juniper Networks QFabric System, SRX Series Services Gateways and MX Series routers, to deliver network connectivity.

As part of the networking deal, Juniper Networks will be supporting IBM Research’s initiative to accelerate the insight discovery process and research timeline for Big Data analytics projects.

The company says Juniper’s solutions provide networking foundation that delivers computing capacity and advanced analytics capabilities necessary to tackle some of the most perplexing challenges in the scientific and business worlds.

“Juniper’s QFabric solution integrated with Juniper’s security and routing, enables high-performance access to applications and virtualized workloads, regardless of where the data resides,” said Laura Haas, IBM fellow and director, Technology and Operations, Accelerated Discovery Lab, IBM Research.

Juniper Networks

With the deterministic low latency of QFabric and its single switch management capability that scales to over 6000 10GbE ports, the Lab can bring together all of the necessary elements — IBM’s Big Data analytics infrastructure, research expertise and a unique user experience — to address some of today’s most pressing world challenges.

Especially in the natural resources sector, where most data is unstructured, there has been explosive growth in the need to analyze and transform the data into actionable foresight. For example, Big Data analytics is used to uncover key insights to merge mechanics, field knowledge and diverse data sources to increase operational performance in mine production.

IBM Accelerated Discovery Lab, located within the IBM Research-Almaden facility in Silicon Valley, has deployed Juniper Networks MX Series routers to withstand the demands of the most bandwidth-intensive environments.

“From smart grid development to artificial intelligence and genome sequencing, a high-performance network is critical to accelerating business and scientific discovery,” said Mike Marcellin, senior vice president, strategy and marketing, Platform Systems Division, Juniper Networks.

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