IBM brings new version of LinuxONE Linux systems

IBM LinuxONE Emperor
Enterprise IT vendor IBM is announcing refreshed versions of the LinuxONE system including the Emperor and Rockhopper, to improve speed and processing power to enterprises.

IBM is optimizing its Cloudant and StrongLoop technologies for LinuxONE — offering a highly scalable environment on Node.js, which enables developers to write applications for the server side using the language they prefer.

Cloudant, a NoSQL database, stores data in JSON format, common for mobile data, enabling users to save time by storing data natively in the system, without the need to first convert it to a different language.

Recently, IBM LinuxONE ported the Go programming language developed by Google. Go is easier for developers to combine the software tools. IBM will begin contributing code to the Go community in the summer.

In March, IBM Open Platform (IOP) will be available for the IBM LinuxONE portfolio at no cost. IOP represents a set of industry standard Apache-based capabilities for analytics and big data. The components supported include Apache Spark, Apache HBase and more, as well as Apache Hadoop 2.7.1.

The UK Met Office,a leader in climate and weather services for the public, business and government, uses LinuxONE to process transactions and run analytics to derive insights more quickly than before to deliver critical information in real-time.

“It is essential for us to deliver services based on accurate data that paints a full picture, and do so as quickly as possible,” said Graham Mallin, executive head of Technology, Met Office.

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