IBM announces z13 computer systems with premier features

Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced the z13 mainframe computer systems with several advanced features.

The z13 system is the result of $1 billion investment, five years of development, more than 500 patents and represents a collaboration with more than 60 clients, said IBM.

What IBM z13 promises?

z13 processes 2.5 billion transactions a day – equivalent of 100 Cyber Mondays every day of the year.

IBM z13 is the first system to make practical real-time encryption of all mobile transactions at any scale.

IBM z13, which is based on open standards, supporting Linux and OpenStack, is the first mainframe system with embedded analytics. It provides real-time insights that are 17X faster than compared competitive systems.

When combined with IBM MobileFirst solutions, z13 delivers enhanced performance, availability, analytics and security.

IBM z13

IBM z13 features the world’s fastest microprocessor, 2X faster than the most common server processors, 300 percent more memory, 100 percent more bandwidth and vector processing analytics to speed mobile transactions.

The company said it designed the z13 to integrate real-time scoring and guarantees this capability as a feature of the system. This scoring can be used for fraud detection on 100 percent of a client’s business transactions.

It is capable of running up to 8,000 virtual servers — more than 50 virtual servers per core, helping to lower software, energy and facilities costs.

A z Systems cloud on a z13 will have a 32 percent lower total cost of ownership over three years than an x86 cloud and a 60 percent lower total cost of ownership over three years than a public cloud.

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