IBM announces pay-as-you-go Cloud storage program

Enterprise IT vendor IBM recently announced its pay-as-you-go Cloud storage program.

IBM Advanced System Placement program is expected to assist enterprises to efficiently manage their data volumes and adopt Cloud storage solutions quickly.

The new pricing program offers high-performance storage systems without the heavy up-front costs, IBM said.

As per the pay-as-you-go program, enterprises can purchase IBM XIV storage systems for a fraction of the price upon installation.

When the system reaches a predetermined capacity threshold, client needs to make the balance payment for the system. At that time, a second unit will be delivered for $1. The cycle continues and clients only pay for the full balance of subsequent systems when they reach the threshold, and an additional system is delivered for an additional $1.

IBM announces pay-as-you-go Cloud storage program

IBM is also offering a financed version of the Advanced System Placement program through IBM Global Financing.

With this option, clients sign a 36-month Fair Market Value (FMV) hardware lease and software loan, and payments for the first six months are set at a fraction of the overall cost. As with the cash purchase version, when the first system reaches a certain threshold, a second system is delivered and the payments for the first system continue as planned. The second system will come with a second 36-month lease, but the first six payments are free.

The Advanced System Placement program complements IBM’s existing Capacity-on-Demand pricing program, which is designed to help organizations with less aggressive growth projections deploy high-capacity storage systems with ease.

The Advanced System Placement programs are available now worldwide through IBM. The company plans to expand the program to include additional IBM System Storage products and IBM Business Partners over the next quarter.

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