Huawei’s OceanStor N8500 clustered NAS system achieves performance peak

Infotech Lead Asia: Huawei announced that its OceanStor N8500 clustered network attached storage (NAS) system achieved performance peak in the Standard Performance Evaluation’s (SPEC) SPECsfs2008 test.

This, according to Huawei, is an industry record with regard to the NFS benchmarks. It is for the third time that Huawei has achieved the best result in the benchmark test conducted by SPEC, a standard performance evaluation agency, following its previous two feats respectively in 2009 and 2011.

The result of this SPECsfs2008 benchmark test suggests that working in a Linux/UNIX host in which the NFS Protocol is enabled, Huawei OceanStor N8500 with 24 engine nodes can generate up to 3,064,602 OPS, doubling performance of the previous record keeper.

OceanStor N8500 is a key product in the OceanStor N8000 series of scale-out NAS products, targeted at the mid-range and high-end markets. This product features the fastest file processing capacity in the industry as well as the superb capability of meeting the demanding requirements for storage performance in a big data environment.

The OceanStor N8500 uses the Multi-node All Active Cluster technology with all engine nodes in the same cluster. This allows the nodes to work concurrently on transaction processing and to access a single file at the same time.

In addition, the OceanStor N8500 system supports as many as 256 namespaces with each one being able to include one billion files to the maximum, which means a total storage capacity of some 100 billion files.

The latest version of the OceanStor N8500 system supports a maximum of 24 engine nodes, whose scale-out capability allows for the linear growth of system performance.

The newly released OceanStor N8500 with 24 engine nodes takes the lead in the industry in terms of its history-making result in the SPECsfs2008 benchmark test, with the overall performance exceeding three million operation per second (OPS) and single node performance reaching 125 thousand OPS.

Fan Ruiqi, president of Huawei’s Storage Product Line, said: “The age of big data is coming. Facing complicated business systems and massive data processing needs, we need to provide a faster and more flexible storage system.”

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