Huawei unveils FusionServer Pro intelligent servers

Huawei Intelligent Computing Business announced the FusionServer Pro series of intelligent servers.
Huawei FusionServer Pro Intelligent ServersThese x86 servers accelerate the transformation of data centers due to the availability of an intelligent acceleration engine, intelligent management engine, and intelligent data center solutions for diverse scenarios.

FusionServer president Zhang Xiaohua said: “By introducing an intelligent acceleration engine and an intelligent management engine, Huawei upgrades its traditional servers to intelligent servers to help enterprises build intelligent data center infrastructure with unprecedented compute power.”
FusionServer president Zhang Xiaohua
Huawei has upgraded its FusionServer series to FusionServer Pro intelligent servers and provides tiered solutions covering single-node, large-scale, and ultra-large-scale deployment scenarios.

The intelligent acceleration engine implements intelligent offloading for computing, storage, and network protocols to improve application speeds and service experience, reduce operation costs, and increase return on investment (ROI).

The intelligent acceleration and management engines implement intelligent asset, version, power consumption, deployment, and fault management, improving management and O&M efficiency and reducing OPEX by 15 percent.

Intelligent L1-L2 linkage solution links the air conditioners at L1 and the servers at L2 to improve the overall energy efficiency of data centers.

Full liquid-cooling cabinet energy-saving solution can reduce Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) by 30 percent for data centers. Its high-density deployment can save 76 percent of cabinet and 68 percent of equipment room space. Compared with the air cooling solution, the solution can reduce total cost of ownership by 20 percent.

Integrated cabinet solution introduces large-scale and rapid deployment, node blind-mate insertion, and intelligent robot O&M to make unattended intelligent data centers a reality.

Huawei Intelligent Computing also launched its FusionServer Pro intelligent servers running on the second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and the Intel Optane DC-grade persistent memory.

Huawei also launched two new storage servers: FusionServer 2298 V5 and 5298 V5. The new storage servers aim to provide large-room and cost-effective storage for customers such as Internet companies, enterprises, and carriers.

The 2298 V5 supports up to 24 3.5” and 4 2.5” hard drives (up to 4 NVMe SSDs) in a 2U space, offering near 400 TB storage capacity. The 5298 V5 supports up to 72 3.5” and 4 2.5” hard drives (up to 4 NVMe SSDs) in a 4U space, providing over 1 PB storage capacity. The storage capacity of these two models is respectively 40 percent and 60 percent up compared with that of incumbent Huawei storage servers.

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