Huawei reveals Agile Network 3.0 Architecture at HNC2015

Huawei revealed the launch of its Agile Network 3.0 Architecture at the Huawei Network Congress 2015 (HNC2015), in Beijing.

Huawei has also unveiled its Agile Internet of Things (IoT) solution enabling enterprises to build an agile IoT infrastructure to capture business possibilities and realize the digitization of production, manufacturing and logistics.

Huawei says 100 billion connections will be generated globally and two million new sensors will be deployed every hour by 2025.

The enterprise networking company will launch its Agile IoT Solution featuring three core components such as Agile IoT gateway, Agile Controller and LiteOS, a lightweight IoT operating system (OS).

Huawei William Xu
“Standardizing ICT infrastructure will foster the development of Internet applications, including IoT applications. To address this, Huawei is launching our Internet of Things operating system, LiteOS,” said William Xu, chief strategy and marketing officer of Huawei.

LiteOS is small in size at 10KB and requires zero configuration while supporting auto-discovery, and auto-networking. It can be applied to different areas including smart homes, wearables, connected vehicles and across industries.

The LiteOS helps to simplify the development of smart hardware to enhance IoT connectivity. In addition, Huawei announced that LiteOS will be opened to all developers, enabling them to quickly develop their own IoT products.

Huawei has developed IoT solutions that have already been applied to buildings, electricity meters, vehicles, gymnasiums, factories, retail outlets, and street lights.

“We will continue to work with more partners to launch solutions based on our Agile Network architecture for different vertical industries,” said Liu Shaowei, president, Switch and Enterprise Communication Product Line, Huawei.

Huawei also released a number of new products and technologies including the 100T data center switches, the Wi-Fi and LTE Integration Access Agile Mobile Solution, routers with enhanced transmission efficiency, and the Device, Network, Cloud End-to-end Security solution.

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