Huawei offers wireless eLTE SmartCampus solution


Huawei released its eLTE SmartCampus solution, Enterprise Campus Communications 2.0, at Hannover MESSE 2017.

Aimed to enterprises in the port management, mining, and manufacturing sectors, this wireless smart campus solution supports automated production, intelligent logistics, and more efficient management.

  1. Automated production

eLTE SmartCampus solution supports up to 200,000 narrowband IoT connections per square kilometer, with a total coverage of up to 10 km. This enables the transmission of vast amounts of data that, through the power of big data analytics, can be used to inform the automation of production processes.

  1. Intelligent logistics

In ports, owing to high warehouse density, the performance of networks using traditional wireless access technologies tends to sharply deteriorate as the number of connections increases. Logistics vehicles that cross cell edges also tend to lose their network connections as a result of interference.

With eLTE SmartCampus solution, each cell on a wireless network can support 120 wireless connections. This helps ensure high-quality connections for vehicles running at speeds of up to 160 km/h, enabling functions like electric work orders, mobile scanning of QR codes, and vehicle information reporting, and making vast improvements in overall efficiency.

  1. Efficient management

Traditional enterprises typically manage their campuses with voice dispatch systems. However, voice dispatching isn’t sufficient to meet the growing demand for remote survey and diagnosis, as well as rapid response and issue resolution.

eLTE SmartCampus solution eliminates blind spots in campus video surveillance systems and integrates video, voice, and data to enable unified dispatch management.

In the Enterprise Campus Communication 1.0 era, companies support their campus operations with wired networks, or wireless networks based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Wired networks are difficult to deploy and costly to reconstruct, whereas traditional wireless technologies offer limited coverage and do not support handover between cells, resulting in poor network stability.

Huawei’s says that eLTE SmartCampus solution is designed to resolve these challenges.

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