Huawei launches 3 models of its FusionServer series for Big Data

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Enterprise IT vendor Huawei has launched three new models of its FusionServer series for Big Data at the Intel Developers Forum 2015 in San Francisco. Huawei also announced a prototype of an all-in-one accelerator for Apache Spark.

The Huawei FusionServer X6800 series will support enterprises to customize their infrastructure to meet Big Data needs including speed, storage capacity, or computing power.

Huawei is targeting the X6800 for various service applications that address service demands, such as software-defined storage (SDS), big data, service driven infrastructure (SDI) and high performance computing (HPC).

XH628 V3, a 4U4 balanced storage server node, features the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 series processors and hard disk drive (HDD) drawers offering twelve 3.5- or 2.5-inch high-speed hard disks. Each chassis provides a storage capacity of up to 296 TB. The XH628 V3 supports up to 16 DDR4 DIMMs and 4 standard peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) cards.

Huawei said it will be aiming to sell XH628 V3 to enterprises which are looking for high storage density, easy management and maintenance for cloud computing, big data, server SAN and other services.

XH622 V3 server supports two full-height full-length general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPUs), and each chassis can deliver up to 12 trillion floating-point operations per second (TFLOPS) running capability.

XH620 V3 accommodates eight compute nodes for twice the computing density of traditional rack servers. A single node provides up to 1024 GB of memory. The XH620 V3 supports 56G and the latest 100G enhanced data rate InfiniBand (EDR IB) cards, making it ideal for services like HPC and Web cache that demand high density computing.

Huawei said preliminary test results show that the Spark Accelerator prototype conducts SQL query execution up to 100 times faster than open-source Spark running on standard computer servers.

The Chinese enterprise IT vendor will be offering FusionServer X6800 models XH628 V3, XH622 V3 now, while XH620 V3 will be available in the fall.

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