Huawei introduces Intelligent Data Center solution

Enterprise networking vendor Huawei has introduced its Intelligent Data Center solution to assist in improving energy efficiency.

Huawei says data center operators can reduce their costs and deliver an improved service to end-users because Huawei Intelligent Data Center solution features better components, infrastructures and IT equipment, as well as optimized power and cooling capacities.

Roland Huempfner (in pix), senior network energy expert at Huawei shared its insights on the development of the data center industry at the Datacenter Dynamics Conference (DCD) in London.

Roland Huempfner, Senior Network Energy expert, Huawei

Li Guoqiang, marketing director, Huawei Data Center Solutions, explained how Huawei’s solution helps clients to improve revenue when compared with using traditional data centers.

“Infrastructure standardization and management automation have become new trends for the industry to help data center owners reduce deployment time by up to 50 per cent and improve the center efficiency through remote operation. In comparison studies, Huawei’s Intelligent Data Center provides a better return in investment over a three year period, making it attractive to investors,” Li said.

This apart, Huawei presented their Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) series. The solutions meet the demand from operators to deliver sustainable and energy efficient options in Europe. The UPS 5000-E series provides reliable, scalable, and high-efficiency uninterruptable power for large and medium sized data centers, network centers and offices.

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