Huawei grabs switch and router share as Cisco slips

Huawei has started taking on Cisco in both switch and router markets, the latest market report from IDC shows.
ethernet switch revenue market share Q2 2018Cisco posted 3.9 percent year-over-year decline in Ethernet switch revenues and market share of 50.1 percent.

Cisco is the market leader in 25Gb/50Gb/100Gb segment with 34.6 percent revenue share in Q2 2018 against 41.2 percent in Q2 2017.

Cisco’s combined service provider and enterprise router revenue fell 15.2 percent. Cisco’s combined service provider and enterprise router market share dropped to 35.7 percent from 41.0 percent. Enterprise router sales were off 7.9 percent while service provider sales fell 18.9 percent year over year, said IDC.

Ethernet switch revenue of Huawei grew 24.1 percent for a market share of 10 percent against 8.5 percent.
router revenue market share Q2 2018Enterprise and service provider router revenue of Huawei has increased 23.3 percent year over year for 31.7 percent market revenue share in Q2 2018 compared to 25.1 percent of the total router market in Q2 2017.

Arista Networks, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Juniper are the other leading players in the global Ethernet switch market.

IDC says Ethernet switch market recorded 4.8 percent growth to $6.7 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2018.

Total enterprise and service provider (SP) router market fell 2.5 percent to $3.8 billion in revenue.

“Enterprise and service providers are demanding higher-speed Ethernet switch products,” said Rohit Mehra, vice president, Network Infrastructure at IDC.

100Gb shipments reached more than 2.8 million ports and $893.5 million in revenue – accounting for 13.2 percent of market revenue.

25GbE switch products reached 2 million ports and $197 million in revenue.

Port shipments of 40GbE grew 2.1 percent, revenues fell 13.5 percent due to price erosion. 10Gb shipments grew 22.8 percent but revenues dropped 5.2 percent.

1Gb port shipments reached 109.9 million in 2Q18, growing 6.1 percent year over year with market share remaining steady at 66.6 percent of all ports shipped. 1Gb port revenue was up 1.4 percent year over year.

Enterprise and service provider router market fell 2.5 percent. Service provider router segment, which accounts for 76.9 percent of the market, declined 3.9 percent. Enterprise router segment grew 2.5 percent.

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