Huawei, CPIC to develop IT architecture for insurance industry

At the Huawei Cloud Congress 2014 in Shanghai, Huawei announced that it joined hands with China Pacific Insurance (CPIC) to develop a technology application laboratory to develop ICT architectures for the insurance industry.

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Huawei and CPIC will combine their expertise in ICT and insurance, and leverage new technologies to promote and lead the transformation of insurance companies in the mobile Internet era.

As part of the long-term partnership, CPIC and Huawei will develop applications based on cloud computing, big data and other new technologies, and work together on the investment-linked insurance business and other areas.

Yan Lida, president, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei, said: “By leveraging Huawei’s experience in providing ICT technology to the financial services industry and R&D capabilities in enterprise networking, cloud computing and big data, we will work together to develop future-orientated ICT architectures for CPIC.”

Huawei and CPIC Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Eric Xu, rotating CEO, Huawei; Yan Lida, president, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei, Ma Yue, president, Enterprise Business Group in China, Huawei; and Huo Lianhong, president, CPIC; and Gu Yue, executive vice president, CPIC were present at the signing ceremony.

Huawei will develop new ICT infrastructures and solutions for CPIC based on cloud computing and big data technologies. These infrastructures and solutions will support CPIC’s strategic development, enhance its competitiveness, and ensure the information security of CPIC’s mobile applications.

The companies will promote product and services innovation to offer convenient, cost-effective, and diversified services for the insurance industry.

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