Huawei conducts Latin America Safe City Summit in Mexico

Networking vendor Huawei has conducted its Latin America Safe City Summit in Mexico City this week.

At the summit, Huawei has showcased its Safe City Solution that includes sub-solutions such as network access, video linkage, convergent command, intelligent analysis, and video cloud. The solution leverages the Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) 2.0, enterprise Long Term Evolution (eLTE) broadband trunking, and cloud computing technologies.

Zhang Hongxi, Vice President of Huawei's Northern Latin America Region

Zhang Hongxi, vice president of Huawei Northern Latin America, said: “A smart and safe city system helps to improve incident prevention, enables efficient processing, supports investigations, and enhances national security.”

By collaborating with security solutions providers such as GSIA, SAP, Intergraph, Telmex, THALES, and Netherlands VCS, Huawei currently provides safe city solutions for more than 60 cities across 30 countries.

The event gathered 400 attendees including security experts from the Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA), SAP, Intergraph, Telmex, and Netherlands VCS, and Huawei’s customers from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Central America.

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