Huawei brings ShapeCloud data center solution at OTF 2018

Huawei announced the release of the ShapeCloud data center integration solution at the 2018 OTF conference.
Huawei Wang WeiShapeCloud data center integration solution will assist customers to build a data center that requires on-demand construction, unified management, ecological convergence, and allservitization, Huawei Data Center Integration Solution Domain General Manager Wang Wei said.

Three sub-solutions of ShapeCloud

ShapeCloud for DC Facility

The MagicBlock all-module data center solution is based on the modular design concept, BIM 3D digital delivery platform, and green energy saving technology, intelligent management platform, and high availability certification.

It provides customers with flexible and flexible combination, easy installation, green energy saving, and customized appearance and layout. The data center helps operators build and expand data centers on demand, flexibly matching service requirements, and accelerating return on investment (ROI).

ShapeCloud for Hybrid IT

The data center multi-cloud integration solution is based on the Huawei CMP multi-cloud management platform, CloudMount efficient migration platform, and CloudOps multi-cloud environment continuous optimization platform.

It provides services and solutions from hybrid IT consulting, planning and design, integration implementation, and service migration to continuous optimization, to help operators build a service-oriented, simplified IT cloud data center, reduce TCO, improve management efficiency, and implement agile IT resource provisioning.

ShapeCloud for B2B

The digital government service solution aggregates industry ecosystems based on the government and enterprise PaaS and big data platform, and achieves cooperation with State Information Center  and CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) to ensure cloud security compliance, to help operators build a smart government cloud.

It enables operators to provide PaaS and government big data services, such as the basic government database, data sharing and exchange, and big data analysis, to help the government build a one-stop digital government public service portal, realize digital transformation and improve government service efficiency. In addition, operators’ IAAS and private line sales are also promoted to increase revenue.

The ShapeCloud data center integration solution is based on Huawei’s 14-year data center integration experience and the global 800+ data center integration projects.

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