HPE launches container-based software solution HPE ML Ops

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a container-based software solution, HPE ML Ops, to support the machine learning model lifecycle for on-premises, public cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

HPE in a statement said that the new HPE ML Ops solution extends the capabilities of the BlueData EPIC container software platform, providing data science teams with on-demand access to containerized environments for distributed AI / ML and analytics.

HPE acquired BlueData in November 2018 to enhance its AI, analytics, and container offerings, and complements HPE’s Hybrid IT solutions and HPE Pointnext Services for enterprise AI deployments.

Gartner says at least 50 percent of machine learning projects will not be fully deployed due to lack of operationalization by 2021.

HPE ML Ops transforms AI initiatives from experimentation and pilot projects to enterprise-grade operations and production by addressing the entire machine learning lifecycle from data preparation and model building, to training, deployment, monitoring, and collaboration.

“Only operational machine learning models deliver business value,” said Kumar Sreekanti, SVP and CTO, Hybrid IT at HPE.

“From retail to banking to manufacturing to healthcare and beyond, virtually all industries are adopting or investigating AI/ML to develop innovative products and services and gain a competitive edge,” said Ritu Jyoti, program vice president, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategies at IDC.

HPE is closing this gap by addressing the ML lifecycle with its container-based, platform-agnostic offering – to support ML operational requirements, accelerate the time to insights, and drive superior business outcomes, Ritu Jyoti said.

Wargaming is using HPE’s BlueData software for containerizing the ML and analytics environments to help improve operational efficiency and optimize business, Alex Ryabov, head of Data Services at Wargaming.