HPE brings AI innovations to storage promising more savings

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced new innovations – promising more savings — to boost the sale of intelligent storage solutions to customers.
HPE innovations“Customers using intelligent storage can reap the benefits of AI and stop worrying about their infrastructure,” said Rajesh Dhar, senior director, Hybrid IT, HPE India.

HPE InfoSight

The new HPE InfoSight uses artificial intelligence (AI) to remove the key challenges in the management of infrastructure by predicting and preventing problems, as well as provide a foundation for context-aware data management.

HPE InfoSight can reduce operating costs by up to 79 percent by enabling self-managing infrastructure and self-optimizing IT.

HPE InfoSight is expanding into workload management by adding the following machine-learning intelligence capabilities that reduce risk and manual work when planning for new workloads.

The latest report from IDC indicates that Dell is the market leader in the enterprise storage market in Q2 2018 — ahead of NetApp, HPE, IBM and Hitachi.
Storage suppliers in Q2 2018HPE InfoSight moves beyond the basic predictive analytics tools other vendors offer to provide AI-driven guidance across the infrastructure stack regarding how best to optimize customers’ environments and where to place their data.

An AI-driven resource planner helps optimize workload placement based on available resources – and eliminates guesswork and the risk of disruption when deploying new workloads.

Performance insights for HPE 3PAR reduces time spent troubleshooting by using machine-learning to self-diagnose performance bottlenecks.

“The experience we’ve had with HPE InfoSight has greatly simplified our operations and has relieved our staff from constantly dealing with infrastructure issues,” said Stefan Floyhar, senior IT director, Ferrara Candy Company.
HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Cloud Volumes

HPE Cloud Volumes, currently available for HPE Nimble Storage, delivers storage service with hybrid and multi-cloud mobility. HPE Cloud Volumes is expanding service capabilities and global reach with expansion into UK and Ireland in 2019 to service UK and European customers requiring local cloud data access.

HPE Memory-Driven Flash

HPE Memory-Driven Flash is an enterprise storage built with storage class memory (SCM) and non-volatile memory express (NVMe) in order to accelerate application performance for HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage.

HPE Memory-Driven Flash lowers latency up to 2X and is up to 50 percent faster than all-flash arrays with NVMe solid state drives. HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage optimize SCM to enable real-time processing for latency-sensitive applications and mixed workloads. HPE 3PAR is the first enterprise storage platform available with SCM and NVMe.

HPE will be offering HPE Memory-Driven Flash in December 2018 for HPE 3PAR as an upgrade. HPE Nimble Storage will receive HPE Memory-Driven Flash upgrade in 2019.