HP unveils HP StoreVirtual 4335 Storage to address virtualization roadblocks in SMBs

HP has launched HP StoreVirtual 4335 Storage, a new software-defined storage system that provides small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with high virtualized application performance while eliminating the storage roadblocks in server virtualization.

HP StoreVirtual 4335 Storage is a hybrid storage system which offers a unique Adaptive Optimization feature that automates the intelligent movement of frequently accessed data from hard disk drives (HDDs) to high-performance solid state drives (SSDs).

This auto-tiering capability accelerates application performance compared to HDDs and delivers 59 percent lower cost than using SSDs alone, HP said. As a result SMB customers need to spend less on storage while supporting more virtual machines.

Solid state and flash media allow customers to achieve performance levels that eliminate the roadblocks to virtualization performance. However, affordability has traditionally limited SMB adoption of SSD technology.


HP StoreVirtual  4335 Hybrid Storage is a purpose-built system designed to accelerate workloads affordably. The Adaptive Optimization feature in the StoreVirtual 4335 is an auto-tiering capability that provides cost effective use of valuable SSD capacity.

HP StoreVirtual Adaptive Optimization transparently monitors data access patterns at 256KB granularity and then moves only the data that has high access patterns to SSD storage. In this way SSD capacity can be utilized efficiently, allowing SMB customers to get the benefits of server virtualization performance acceleration without a high price tag.

HP claims the HP StoreVirtual Adaptive Optimization software maintains nearly 100 percent utilization of SSDs, making it ideal for businesses that need affordable, high-performance storage.  It also increases SSD efficiency by allocating top tier capacity for business critical application data and storing replicated (RAID 10, RAID 10+1) or parity data (RAID 5 and 6) on more economical SAS disks.

All HP StoreVirtual solutions utilize a common operating system across appliance offerings as well as virtual storage appliance offerings. The HP StoreVirtual feature set delivers the benefits of advanced data services like adaptive optimization, multi-site high availability and thin provisioning for one low, all-inclusive price.

The StoreVirtual 4335 with Adaptive Optimization is the latest addition to HP’s leading software-defined storage portfolio, based on version 11.0 of the highly portable HP LeftHand Operating System (OS).

HP StoreVirtual Storage offers customers a choice of HP ProLiant rack- and blade-based hardware models, or a wide range of StoreVirtual Virtual Storage Appliances (VSAs) including a free 1TB StoreVirtual VSA which HP includes  with the purchase of eligible HP ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) servers.

The latest version of the HP LeftHand OS also includes integration with Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager via SMI-S and VMware vCenter Server via the HP Insight Control plug-in. These integrations enable storage provisioning at the same time virtual machines are defined to streamline workflow and speed deployment.

StoreVirtual 4335 is available now starting at US$41,000.  The standard HP StoreVirtual 4335 Storage configuration includes: seven 900GB Small Form-Factor 10K SAS drives, three 400GB Enterprise Mainstream SSDs and LeftHand OS 11.0 with an all-inclusive feature set.

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